Our Story

Wood is an acoustic folk rock band from the central coast of California. Vocal harmonies and thoughtful arrangements are the bed rock of our sound.
Drawing on many of the same influences that created the folk rock scene in the early 70's; folk, blues, bluegrass, and rock, and adding to that many years of life and performing experience, they've created a sound that is at once new and unexpected, yet grounded and familiar.


Steve Kindel-  vocals, guitar, mandolin, tenor banjo
Dahlan Richenberg- vocals, guitar, slide guitar, mandolin, harmonica
Paul Steven Silva- vocals, guitar, mandolin 
Alan Vogan- bass
Barry Johnson- percussion


I'm a very private person. My life story isn't for everybody.  I'm clean, and I've always been clean.  My music, certainly, has never embarassed me.   Those boos really motivate me to make something happen.  I mean, there are people making babies to my music ... And that's nice.  Not too many people know that  I'm probably the most violent advocate of peanut butter in history .... I actually shaved with peanut butter and it wasn't bad, but it smells. Here's proof that if you live long enough, anything is possible. I just miss ... I just miss being anonymous.

I was stuck writing about myself so I borrowed from all the Barrys in my life.
(Key: Bonds, Bonds, Bonds, Gibb, Bonds, White, Goldwater, Manilow, Obama)  


When I was young, well before I started playing music or even considered the plausibility of writing my own songs, I found myself drawn to a few seemly disparate elements of music of the time. I thoroughly enjoyed the raw energy of heavy rock and roll. I was energized by the pure energy of Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Who and particularly Neil Young with Crazy Horse. I had the chance to see three of the four of those bands live (OK Neil repeatedly!). The impact of those shows lasted much longer than the ringing in my ears. I also loved to hear clearly the messages through the lyrics of acoustic music and I was mesmerized by the apparent magic of vocal harmonies that that seemed so much bigger and more beautiful than their parts. Like with the metal guys, Crosby Stills and Nash, the early Eagles and The Byrds were doing things that I thoroughly connected with. I found myself studying these bands as a fan and listening deeply to the energy that they created through their music and the messages the conveyed through their lyrics. 

I first picked up the guitar because my older brother had in his college years and, well, I always wanted to do what he did… Learning from a book (and my ear) songs made easy for the guitar, Neil Young, Jackson Browne and The Eagles… I had some pals that had started a band and were practicing in a living room in San Luis Obispo… After a few beers they started playing Cinnamon Girl… Neil was such a perfect mix of raw metallic rock and roll and folk music to me… anyways with this rendition there was something missing… Since I was a few beers into it I stepped up to the mic at the next go around and started singing the harmony… As soon as those vocals locked in I was hooked. Transformed. There was something completely magical about it that I could never describe. You just feel it. 

A year later I found myself singing Cowgirl In The Sand with my new friend Doug (AKA Dahlan). He had this bitchen Guild 12 string guitar and a low gravelly voice that seemed enhanced by the Camel non filters he smoked. We spent a summer practicing a set… a few originals, Neil Young, the Grateful Dead, Simon and Garfunkel… We played our first gig at a happy hour at the Dark Room in 1983. There were about 75 under aged wasted friends packed in. (Sorry Duanne Inglish! And thank you!!!) We played for two frightening glorious hours that I will never forget. A year or so later we had a four piece folk rock band and were regulars at The Dark Room… About the only place we could get a gig… and still my all time favorite venue and hang out. 

While practicing one day in a warehouse off South Street this stocky wild eyed long haired dude from the heavy metal band in the practice space next door walked in and just kind of hung out watching… which was kind of intimidating… when we stopped playing he just kind of smiled and said hi… that was about it… turns out he likes singing folk music!!… which was great cause then we knew he wasn’t there to kick our asses… 

So the following months… not really sure the time frame… Paul left Street Legal and somehow we got together and hung out… We all loved to sing harmonies and we all loved the sound of a distorted guitar feeding back… We were all pretty hooked.

Our drummer, Chris, had this huge set… he was a Rush fanatic, we found ourselves short a bass player (another story) and his buddy from one of his bay area bands was just moving down… they were like… badass musicians… Rob immediately became the dude covering the low end and a great mountain bike buddy… We called ourselves Twinkie Defense and continued to repeatedly play the Dark Room and other venues around town… Fun days!!

How could we possibly have thought at the time, that if we could fast forward 30 years, we would be having just as much fun as we did as those reckless kids. And thinking back to the first time I felt the magic of a three part harmony locked in, or five friends completely locked, falling out of, and rebuilding a groove, that it would make me so high I would continue to want to find it again and again… there really is no other feeling like it. 

Its connectedness. Its magic.

We need more of that in this world.



I have always considered music to be a common thread running through the fabric of life. Simple yet creating complex patterns, telling the never ending story of my individual life in relation to all life. Sound is energy so it is neither created nor destroyed. Like the wind, it blows through each of us, making a unique vibration and resonance. When we blend that together, it creates a beautiful symphony. Bottom line...I LOVE playing music with these guys, and with all of YOU as well!


I've been involved in music all my life. One of my earliest memories is of my dad and my uncle singing in a Barbershop Quartet at the Mid State Fair. They were called the Yankie Doodle Dandies, all decked out in red, white and blue sequined suits complete with spats and bowlers.
Pops would work out the harmony parts to quartet standards and my brothers and I would sing them in the kitchen. Daddy sang bass of course.
I fell in love with guitar when I was 15, and have hardly spent a day since then without picking it up. I still love it. Cat Stevens, The Eagles, CSN&Y and America played the music that  inspired me in the beginning, then Zepplin and Aerosmith. 
A girl turned me on to the "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" album and I took a major turn into the bluegrass/ new grass world, learning how to flat pick fiddle tunes and drinking in the rich traditions of American roots music. Flat and Scruggs, Stanley Brothers, The Country Gentlemen, Seldom Scene, then Tony Rice, The Grisman Quintet, New Grass Revival, The Cache Valley Drifters, such incredible blends of sound back then.
And I felt that there was a place for the music that was rolling around my head in that world. Music that leaned a little more to the rock and roll side of things. It's a delicate balance, but I think Wood is getting very close to realizing it. 

And I gotta tell ya- it's a hoot.




Song List
1. Helplessly Hoping                        
2. EZ chair                                        
3. South mountain*                           
4. Powder finger                              
5. Paper airplanes*                          
6. Into the mystic                              
7. Chastity*                                      
8. Life is sweet*                                
9. Stuck in the middle                       
10. As far as I can see*                   
11. Sympathy For The Devil             
12. House of the rising sun              
13. White freight liner                    
14. Willow*                                       
15. Chatta*                                      
16. Precious time*                            
17. I Am A Patriot                             
18. I had a dream*                          
19. She's no lady                             
20. Children*                                    
21. Diamond*                                   
22. Take It Easy                               
23. Have You Ever Seen The Rain 
24. Good Night*                              
25. Midnight special                       
26. Lucky*                                       
27. Lonely with a smile*                 
28. Dirty water*                              
29. Leave me alone*                       
30. Rockville                                   
31. Rock salt and nails                  
32. Wonderful beautiful*                
33. Like a Sunset*                           
34. Times are changing                   
35. Rise                                          
36. This heart*                                
37. Mayday*                                   
38. The race is on                          
39. Nothin*                                   
40. Shine*                                     
41. Show biz kids                            
42. Dagger through the heart         
43. Blind horse*                              
44. Cool water*                                
45. Don't drag me down*               
46. Broken Arrow                             
47. Dancin’ In The Moonlight           
48. Will It Go Round In Circles        
 49. Do it Again                                   
 50. The Snake Song*                       
 51. As You Wish*