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Wood, from the Central Coast of California, builds on the fine tradition of thoughtful, catchy, acoustic music and brings it into the new century.
Drawing on many of the same influences that created the folk rock scene in the early 70's; folk, blues, bluegrass, and rock, and adding to that many years of life and performing experience, they've created a sound that is at once new and unexpected, yet grounded and familiar. we hope you love listening to the music as much as we love making it.

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Desiree remix  

This is something like my fourth remix of Desiree. I don't obsess much really.

I think I have it right and then I listen to it later and it just sounds flat to me. Hopefully this is the last time.

So... what do you think?

Paul Steven Silva


Paul here.

I did this track many years ago and I wish I'd had a better grip on the whole recording process because I feel that there was some fantastic playing going on but the poor recording detracts from it.

Bud McCabe, an old friend of mine, is playing bass. In fact Bud was in the band Skittelyne 10 back when I wrote this. Kelly Powers is doing the fiddle work. The name of the song is Chata, which is what Sal Ruiz always called it and the name stuck.

Bud, Kelly and Sal, you guys are awesome! Thanks…

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Wood on KPIG!  

We played live on one of the best indi radio stations in the world! Viva KPIG!! July 30th, 2017.

Been a while... 

Sorry for taking so long to do a new post!

We've finished a studio album, did a release party, got married, went to Fiji, went to the Tetons, almost burned up, and saw the grandkids. 

We have a show on KPIG radio July 7th, which we're very excited about. So all in all it's been an eventful year so far.

Thanks for checking in, you guys are the best!

About that name... 

We know.

The first thing a lot of people think about when the hear the name Wood is-

an erection.

There.  I said it. It's out in the open now... er...  you know what I meant.

It's understandable, and though we have nothing against erections, (they can be quite handy) there is more to the choice of our moniker than that. So here goes-

Wood is the by-product of living plants striving to recieve as much light as they can possibly get.

We thought that a beautiful analogy to our music.
We go through our lives trying to…Read more

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Previous events


Templeton Concerts in the Park, Park street, Templeton


Barrelhouse Brewing Co., Paso Robles

Free music, great brews and food. Cd's available.



D'Anbino's Wine Cellar, Pine str. down by the Railroad station, Paso Robles

$10 cover charge


97.3 Rock Radio Fund Raiser

Vet's Hall, Morro Bay